The FSA - Financial Services Authority have now stated that you can claim PPI back as far as January 1998 in respect to mortgages.

The list below shows the main miss-sellers of Payment Protection Insurance on mortgages. These mortgage providers are classed as subprime lenders.

  • Amber Home Loans.
  • CHL Mortgages.
  • GMAC Mortgage.
  • Kensington Mortgage.
  • Northern Rock.
  • Paragon Mortgages.
  • Pink Home Loans.
  • Platform Mortgages.
  • Promise Finance Mortgages.
  • Regency Mortgages.
  • The More Group Mortgages.
  • UCB Home Loans.
  • The Mortgage Business.
  • (Part of MBNA)
  • Yes Loans.
  • First Plus.
  • Halifax.
  • British Credit Trust.
  • Southern Pacific.
  • Future Mortgages.
  • Central Mortgages.
  • Rooftop Mortgages.

This is just to name a few of the PPI miss-sellers with regards to mortgages.


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